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Program Title: Continuing Education

Seminar for Assistant in the State of Texas- NATCEP In-Service Training / Online

6 Modules / Lessons (24 Course Hours)
Total Price: $80.00

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  1. In-Service Education Requirement

    This computer-based training, consisting of six modules, four hours each is one of the options we offer to meet the in-service education requirements for Nurse Aides in the State of Texas.


  2. System Requirement:

    1. Before beginning this course, be sure that your computer meets the following system requirements. At the end of the course, you will need to verify that you've fulfilled the course requirements and obtain a learning certificate.

    2. Your computer must have the following:
      The course requires a recent version of the Windows Operating System. In order to access the course, your Internet browser must be set to allow pop-ups.

      Browsers: Google Chrome (version 5 or above), Firefox (version 3 or above), Safari (version 3 or above) or Internet Explorer (version 7 or above, but works best in 9 or above)
      Outdated browser versions may affect functionality of the course. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are suggested for best results.
      Printer: the ability to print hard copies of your learning certificate



      1. Check to be sure your environment during the course has minimal distractions.

      2. Set aside the appropriate amount of time to complete the course; 4hrs per module

      3. Sitting at your computer for long periods of time without a break can cause stress. We recommend you take a 10 minute break every hour. This will help you feel more comfortable across the 4 hour time allotted for this course.

      4. You may EXIT the course at any time by choosing the "LAST" button in the lower left corner of the page and then choosing "Exit Course." If you exit out or close the course, your course progress will not be saved. You will need to start the course over.

      5. Your score is tracked throughout the course and calculated once you finish answering all questions.
        There are 42 quiz questions ,7 per module. You will need to score a minimum of 70% (total score) to successfully complete this course.


  4.  Nurse Aide In-service education & renewal process

    The Texas Nurse Aide Registry (NAR) renewal process requires all CNAs to complete 24 hours of approved in-service education over a two-year period.

    Each module will meet 4 hours of the required 24 hours of in-service education.

    Content related to geriatric (senior) care and the care of residents with a dementia condition, including Alzheimer's disease, is required to complete the renewal process every two years in Texas and is included in this training.

    CNAs may repeat this course annually to review the Texas state requirements for CNAs working in nursing facilities, as well as review best practices. A CNA who completes all six modules annually will stay on track with the 24-hour requirement


  5. Six learning modules for  Nurse Aide annual in-service education:

    Patient Rights 4 hours
    Client Safety 4 hours
    Infection Control 4 hours
    Dementia and Alzheimer's 4 hours
    Elder Abuse 4 hours
    Communication Skills 4 hours

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