Infection Control and Proper Use of PPE (IPC/PPE) - Clock Hours: 8

  • Teacher: Veronique Johnson
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $ 50.00

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Program Title: Continuing Education

Infection Control and Proper Use of PPE (IPC/PPE)

Total Price: $50.00



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7 days: $ 50.00


Veronique Johnson

Veronique Johnson is a Graduate from the University with a BSN.

She worked in many settings, that include Oncology Podiatry, Pediatric Medical Surgery, Cardiac, Psychiatric, she has an excellent communication skills, Empathy, is very methodical, she understands that some people are visual learners, and some are traditional learners, can teach both; Mrs. Veronique can also be flexible to find ways to challenge smarter students. She always find pleasure teaching and are very loved by all her students.




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