About our School


3.jpgIn existence since 2004, Central Texas Nurse Network, Inc is a state approved Nurse Aide Training Program with an average yearly enrollment of 350 students.

What makes Central Texas Network, Inc unique among many others?

      • Its central Location
      • Its accessibility to public transportation
      • Its proximity to major highway
      • Its small classroom instruction
      • Its dedicated staff


Our Mission Statement

Central Texas Nurse Network, Inc strives to train, nurtures care givers dedicated to the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Psychosocial wellbeing of those they will serve.



Program Benefits

1.jpgUpon completion of the Nurse Aide Program the graduated students would have mastered the following concepts about patient care.

      • The Patient is the most important person.
      • The Patient is not an interruption of work but the patient is the work.
      • The Patient is dependent on the caregiver.
      • The Patient is not someone to argue with, but someone to comfort.
      • The Patient is part of the facility not an outsider.
      • The Patient is not a statistic but is a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions like our own.
      • The Patient brings us his illness; our duty is to justify his faith in us.
      • The Patient deserves the most courteous and attentive treatment that can be given.